Crushin the Curse


In early October of 2016, a few people from different walks of life, had a passionate conversation, trying to answer one simple question: “with all the recourses in the world; time, money, technology, smart individuals and more… why can’t we (the world) actually come together to eradicate unforgivable, horrific and unacceptable problems like hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, slave trading, rape and more…. or provide resources, as no one should every be at the mercy of money enabling them to get help for Disease’s; Cancer, Mental Health Issues, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Addiction and more”?

It was Immediately apparent they shared strong core life values to pay it forward to those in need, both as individuals, personal and in through their own business.  It was clear that together with love, respect, trust, compassion and pure desire to “do what they could to get involved”, synergies formed a union, not to just focus on one cause or help one curse, but open their arms together and rally others to join them, taking the knowledge of being involved, individually and through their previous ventures, to drive forward together and align with others like minded passionate individuals to pay it forward. Their solution was to start Crushin the Curse, LLC to raise awareness and proceeds for such efforts. 

As part of these efforts, they began by producing a first run of t-shirts using the Crushin the Curse PWM, as the initial part of the rollout of a larger campaign intended to market, “Crushin the Curse”,  a start-up company that looks at the world through a different lens and believe that even as they have been through some painful trials and tribulations in their own right.  The first project, to create the blue print was formulated, it was October 2016, the MLB world series and the month of pink / cancer…. What would be better than to support one of the players 501c3, focused on battling cancer as he once did? 

We believe, “Monies showed go to the people that need it”, locally in nature and community based, not to a void.  With so many opportunities and small organizations out there, the sky was the limit to take this grass roots approach and let it grow organically.

One example, to remain anonymous at this time, one two individuals, in a former business venture, payed it forward by providing transportation and services for a not for profit organization which utilizes their Campus to provide housing, healing, and support for individuals and families affected by domestic violence, and sexual assault and exploitation through prevention and intervention services. In addition, the organization promotes safe and healthy relationships, increasing the capacity for abuse prevention in Central Texas.