About Crushin

Our lives are often compared to a journey. If we are fortunate, the path is mostly smooth, but there will be times for most of us when it is rough.
We may encounter challenges, obstacles, and pain that may lead to
setbacks, heartache and fear about the future.
For some people, these are insurmountable without extraordinary
help from others. They may need help coping with Alzheimer’s disease,
cancer, poverty, hunger, addiction, mental health,
physical disability, and domestic violence to mention a few.
Without significant help, people without resources,
are often left to suffer with the little if any hope. 
Regardless of the reasons, the struggle is like a curse.
However, help can come in different forms or investments, such as
increased public awareness, education, time, expertise, and money.
For those of us that are blessed with resources we can
pay it forward by investing our time, expertise, and money
and offer help and hope to others.
Together we can help others crush the curse. 
There are many great organizations, charities, philanthropic groups
and individuals that are devoted to helping people in need.
They have the scale to reach out on national and international levels.
We are targeting our time, expertise and money
toward communities and organizations that are serving people
directly in their local communities.
Help us find ways to create awareness and goodwill
and leverage our good fortune by helping
people in need in demonstrable ways.